Sunday, March 12, 2006


Who we are, and how we present ourselves has to do with an identity. We want to be ike... we want to look like ... and so, we wear and act as the one we want to be, and look like. But our true identity is something more deeper, more of the inside, and little can we do to keep or maintain an identity outside.
One is, what one is meant to be, only that and insofar as one discover and knows who one is. And to discover and know who one is, one must go on a journey. In this, or from this perspective one's identity is a result of one's searching journey, till one has found "that" which one is. But to be is the result of a past becoming. One is becoming what one is going to be, and one is what one was becoming.
But there is room for deceit for one might think one knows who one is, and yet not be that which one thought one was.
There are three ways to know one is not that one thought to be.
1st. Doing great things does not necessarily reveals who one is.
2nd. Doing spectacular things, which captivate the admiration of others does not necessarily reveals one true identity.
and 3rd. Possessing a lot of things, having a lot of power, and having dominion over things and beings does not necessarily reveals who one is.
Because one's true identity neither depends on what one does, nor on one abilities, nor on one's possessions.
Where then lies one's true identity?
One's true identity lies on being a creature in the likeness and image of God. One is creature with creative powers, but one is not the Creator.

J. Hinojos


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